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Rubber Stamps

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At Superb Signs we are the manufacturer. No middle-man processing your custom orders. Working with the owner assures you of no miscommunication. It assures you that the layout and typesetting will be by a professional with over 30 years of experience. You can also be sure of the accuracy and consistency of your self-inking stamp orders. Our self-inking stamps come in many sizes, and are excellent for many uses. The ideas behind our stamps are to make your job of what you need to communicate or record easier. 


Some examples: Signature stamps for signing multiple forms for repeated use. Medical information, where patient communication is vital.  Address stamps, for return use or for mailings.  There are stamps for accounting, such as where expenses are to be charged to. Also stamps for making payments.  Another use is for Sales books, at the header for invoicing. Places like Country Clubs, Medical practices, Attorneys, Law Firms, Real Estate companies, and most any business, small, medium or large, need self-inking stamps for communication to their clients or customers or for inter office use.


The idea is to make your job easier. When a document has been scanned and e-mailed, perhaps for record keeping you would like to stamp it with the date that it was sent. Or there may be a communication with a client, customer or insurance company that needs to be documented. We also have self-inking, Super Heavy Duty metal frame Daters. These are excellent when multiple documents need the same date repeatedly imprinted. The S/H/D Daters also provide for custom wording above and below the rotating date. These can be customized to whatever your needs may be. All self-inking stamps can be made with Black, Blue, Red, Violet or Green Ink.


We can also order any custom color for your individual and particular needs. There may be occasions where you may want fun custom Craft stamps, such as Custom Invitations or Announcements. Occasions such as Baby Showers, Graduations, the birth of a newborn, Parties, Weddings and much, much more.


Our Shiny brand self-inking stamps are the very best available. We have customers that have had and continue to use the same stamps for over 20 years! Every single order received is confirmed. In addition, if there’s any suggestions or improvement, David will bring it to your attention for your review.  David will personally call or email you when your order is ready for pick up or when it ships. You can count on Superb Signs for our excellent customer service, communication and of course the very best quality.



Our stamps will print thousands of times. We use Shiny self inking stamps, and all work is done in house.

From address stamps, to bank deposit stamps, we do it all.

Choose the size, layout and ink color. Add a logo, picture, or signature, and you are ready to go.


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